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  1. encorepistol

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    Mar 25, 2009
    How would one go about making a blue barred. I know nothing about genetics really but plan on buying a book or 2 on the subject. Reason im asking is i have a splash roo over barred rock hens and was curious what might come out. i have some eggs in the bator now but was curious if anyone knows what might pop out.
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    All the babies will be blue--the barred one will be the boys. Make the cross the other way round and if the roo has two copies of the barring gene and all the babies will be blue barred. If he has one copy, about half will be blue barred and the other half plain blue. There will be no gender distinction.
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    Jan 13, 2008
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    This one will be easy, especially if you wanted the BR type.

    All of the babies of this cross will be blue, but only the males will have the barring also(white spot on head on chicks).

    Keep the best male of your preference and breed him with pure barred rock hens(well, or any barred hen..).. and then there's two ways you can take the next generation:

    1) Keep the sons pure for barring- these typically have better defined barring and are lighter overall than the sons with just one barring gene.


    2) Keep the blue barred daughters and breed with pure BR rooster.

    OR do both.. crossing the sons with pure BR hens.

    Then you're set for a pure breeding barred line with blue in it.

    For splash barreds, just breed two blue barreds together. These tend to be extremely light..
  4. encorepistol

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    Mar 25, 2009
    well actually the roo is a splash wyandotte but his body isnt verry good really for a wyandotte so im sure it will be more of a rock looking cross. Thanks a bunch 4 the info, i will save it for future refference. What would be a good book to buy to learn about color breeding.
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