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  1. This ad showed up this evening in a local poultry classified...

    I'm looking for an English breed of Chicken known as Blue Belle. They are a triple cross (Auracana, Cream Leghorn, and something else). They have the solid blue feathering and lay a PLUM colored egg. If you have some, or know where I might find some, for sale, please contact me.

    Sounds interesting and a 'plum' colored egg is very tempting. Has anyone on the list ever heard of one?​
  2. Pretty bird although it states she lays brown eggs? I wonder if they have seen the plum egg from one, or if it was something like an EE's trait where colored eggs can be laid??

    A beautiful placid blue bird, from France. She lays a brown egg.​
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    It is a very pretty bird. I have never come across one in the hatcheries I've been through, as I am pretty sure I would have noticed it (liking that color of bird & all)
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    My friend next door but one has one, she is a beautiful girl but definitely only lays brown eggs. They are a good size egg & she has layed every day so far. I know this is an old post but someone else may look it up in the search bar.
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    The Bluebell is a very attractive larger chicken in shades of light to dark grey/blue. They are a cross between a Maran and a Rhode Island Red.

    They are layers of brown eggs.

    The Bluebell hen is an autosex hybrid developed by Meadowsweet, (hence sometimes called a Meadowsweet Bluebell) by crossing Maran & RIR. As a hybrid it cannot breed true and its eggs/chicks will revert to type according to the cockerel used to fertilise them.
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    does it matter if the hen is the maran or the rir?
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    Did you have any luck with cedar creek hatchery? I tried to contact them but them never replied back to my questions. Have read several discouraging reports that they are not good business people, not responding, not sending orders that were paid for, etc.

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