Blue Birchen Marans


12 Years
Jun 30, 2010
Central Virginia
This is a new breed for me - growing them out as cockerels and pullets now from eggs shipped early this past spring. Looks like a color diversity to work with for future matings. I like their docile nature and of course, I am looking forward to the first egg production. here are a few pics from when they were free ranging the other day.

Birchen Marans, Gourds 218 (2).JPG

Birchen Marans, Gourds 118 (2).JPG

Birchen Marans, Gourds 189 (2).JPG

Birchen Marans, Gourds 137 (2).JPG
THANK YOU - very happy you like them. Got them on EBay from beckysbirdsoftexas Also got some very handsome Chocolate Silver Laced Orpingtons as hatching eggs too. The hatch rate was very high as I opted for the two day FedEx shipping option. USPS seems to be regionally very hard on shipped eggs for me. I hope to get around to getting some photos of the Orpingtons.

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