Blue/Black Ameraucana Quad

Matt A NC

14 Years
Feb 22, 2007
Morganton, NC
Black Cockerel: Hatched August 8, 2010 - He is from a Blue mating and has some purple sheen to his feathers.
*** Picture 1: Would not turn around.
*** Picture 2: On the roost with some ladies.
*** Picture 3: He is getting irritated here.

Black Hen: Hatched May 30, 2009 - Also from a blue mating has the same sheen as the Cockerel.
*** Picture 1: She was busy today.
*** Picture 2: Her egg. Yes, I have small hands.
*** Picture 3: She is sitting beside Ray.

Blue Hen: Hatched May 30, 2009
*** Picture 1
*** Picture 2

Blue Pullet: Hatched May 26, 2010
*** Picture 1
*** Picture 2: She is one of the pale blue chicks.

The girls are all laying. These are BLUE eggers that lay a medium sized egg.

I DO NOT SHIP BIRDS. I am also NOT going to deliver these birds, unless you are willing to pay for my gas. My truck only gets 16 miles per gallon.

I let my NPIP die a few years ago.


Edited to add: I have not hatched any eggs from these birds. They were supposed to be the rebuild of my failed Ameraucana Flock.
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