Blue & Black Orpington Hatching Eggs, Sumatra eggs, WA STATE

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Apr 1, 2008
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6+ Black & Blue Orpington hatching eggs--rooster is black, hens are black & splash. You will only get blue & black chicks from this cross. Fertility has been excellent with shipped eggs and here on the farm. These are large, nice birds. $25 shipped

6+ Black Sumatra Eggs (Standards) rooster has a nice, dark comb & 3 spurs per leg. Hens are gorgeous. Not from hatchery stock. Gentle dispositions and scary-smart! $25 shipped

Or I can do a mix of the above for $30 shipped (3 or 4 of each)

These are housed separately and eggs will be purebred!

Orpingtons will ship next week and Sumatras I can ship this week....
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Jun 28, 2009
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I didnt get any email wonder if my email kicked it back- it is moody at times. Check your pm for my phone number if you want to call. I want these eggs if available still. I have the paypal ready today. Thanks and sorry about the email thing.

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