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  1. joletabey

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    Apr 9, 2009
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    I am sorry to ask - I know this was posted a couple of months back, but I can't locate the info-

    What are the color percentages in the offspring for
    black x blue
    blue x blue
    black x splash
    blue x splash
    splash x splash

    If you are breeding for blue specifically. . . .
    Thanks for the help
  2. Katy

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  3. Poulets De Cajun

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    Blue x Blue = 50% blue, 25% black, 25% splash
    blue x Splash = 50% blue, 50% splash
    blue x black = 50% blue, 50% black
    splash x black = 100% blue
    splash x splash = 100% splash
    black x black = 100% black
  4. speckledhen

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    Those may not hold precisely true for small samples of eggs. Most of the time, from my all blue Orp pen, I get mostly blues, then fewer blacks and the least splashes, however, once there were two blacks and one splash from three eggs under a broody once; another time, got two splashes and two blues, no blacks. If you incubated a hundred eggs, the percentages would be closer to the chart shown.
  5. joletabey

    joletabey SDWD!!!!

    Apr 9, 2009
    western NC
    Thank you Katy, Poulets de Cajun and Speckledhen! - this is exactly what I was looking for, and Cyn, thanks for the info on small numbers- this will, due to acreage, be a small flock - but I gotta/wanna/ just MUST keep those Suede genes going!

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