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    Jul 21, 2007
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    I have always liked the look of a buff hen with a blue tail, and have a few mixed mutts years back. I have Buff orpington hens and an incubator, If I mated my Buff hens to a Splash Blue rooster ( Orpington, Rock, Wyandotte) I should get offspring that are a mix buff and blue plumage, correct?
    Let me know your experience

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    Sep 27, 2011

    I tried your crossing in the calculator and it says all offspring will be blue. I've heard that the calculator doesn't always account for dilution, so maybe "in vivo" you would get different results. Maybe I'll try this myself and see what happens. I've got a splash Jersey Giant who is just itching for something to do and some hatchery Buff Orpington ladies who are puttering out eggs to sell to eat. Want to test it out together and see what hatches from our own respective crosses? I wouldn't be able to start for another 3 week because my buffs are in a mixed yard and are likely under the influence of an EE gentleman at the moment.
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    Following that link.... calculate the crossing..... then of the continue with this male. There you will see the possibilities of what he's looking for.

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