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Oct 28, 2008
I am looking for a switch/upgrade in my cat/dog food.. I have been a long time Iams user and really have had no problems but see that it really is worthless food.. nice because they offer specials and coupons all the time.. I have recently added Blue Buffalo Wilderness in the mix for my cats... I am considering adding this blue buffalo food for my dog... does anyone have any feed back on either cat/dog food of this brand.. I really only have a TSC and Petsmart locally to purchase pet foods... I occasionally can drive a bit and get ahold of brands such as innova, merrick and felidae/canidae.. and would consider those if that much better... my dog is a 70 lb English Lab who is moderately active. she just turned 6. my cats range in age from 1, 4, 13, and 16... in addition to dry kibble for both I give moist foods and periodically give canned tuna and cooked chicken to cats... advice welcomed!!! I am in need of dog food and was going to store tomorrow to buy..


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Mar 22, 2010
I have tried a lot of brands with my dogs over the past 10 years, Iams, science diet, innova etc... The best food I have found is Dr. Foster Smith brand. Right now all three of my dogs eat the Adult Lite. You cannot buy it in stores, but it is ok with me because I am set up on a every 4 weeks delivery plan and it comes right to my door via fedex. The total with shipping for a 23lb bag (which last more than 4 weeks for me) is less than $40 each shipment. As a bonus every 10th shipment is free. You can find it on, they also deliver cat food, rabbit pellets, guinea pig food etc... They deliver my guinea pig food at the same time as my dog food. I have not tried the Blue Buffalo brand.


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Aug 14, 2009
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Blue Buffalo is better than Iams, But Innova and Merrick are better than BB.
If you can't afford Innova or Merricks than BB is a great choice. I have my parents feeding this to their dog.
Write to BB for coupons. I got $5 off coupons for my parents when they first got their pup.

Taste of the Wild is sold at TSC also.

But pay attention to the calorie content. You don't want to jump from something that is close to 300 to something that is over 500 all at once. Depending on the amount of food your dog burns now should help you pick out the brand you need.
Are you feeding 6 cups of 350 calories? Or 2 cups of 470 calories? Know what I mean?


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Apr 20, 2007
only the shadow knows.....
Mine didn't really care for it. Cats nor dog. We have been feeding Nurto for the last few years but have been making changes because of their age and health.

My dog is overweight and has bad arthritis. We've tried everything for her to loose weight but nothing worked until recently. We are currently using Earthborn- Primitive. It contains no grains which are known to promote inflamation in joints, weight issues, etc..... Spook has lost 6lbs in a month. Her coat is nice and shiney. But most of all, she seems to be moving much better and wants to play a lot (she's 12) On top of that, she eats this food without having anything mixed into it. I had to mix table scraps in the any other food we have fed her. Not now.

Earthborn will be coming out with their cat formula this summer. I already asked, lol

wanted to add that we started feeding Spook 1 cup twice a day (we started feeding twice a day after dealing with a bad case of pancreititis) She has actually reduced her own intake of food. We are now feeding just over a half cup twice a day. At first there was a bit of gas, but that has gotten better. Smaller, firmer poops after a week.
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Jul 7, 2007
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My dogs were okay with it, but they didn't seem to care for the little black pellets in the food. I found those all over the place. I eventually switched them to Taste of the Wild and they gobble it right up.


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Sep 16, 2009
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My dogs hated much so I was thinking maybe the bag was contaminated or tainted with something. Ultimately, my chickens enjoyed it as a very expensive treat.


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Nov 9, 2007
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I'll probably get slammed for my opinion, but here goes.
Our dogs eat alot better than our cats, IF you go by brand name.
Our dogs get TOTW, now that I've found a local source for it. Before I found a local source they were eating Diamond Brand Naturals, lamb and rice puppy food. To tell the truth, they aren't that crazy about the TOTW.

Kitty, our former feral/barn cat/now indoor cat ate any ol' food, whatever was on sale. Then I got KiKi, our siamese, from the pound. She had all kinds of digestive upsets when we first got her and the litter box was a mess and stunk to high heaven. After much experimenting with grocery store available foods, we put the two cats on a food called Wholesome Goodness, made by Meow Mix. Both cats have done excellent on this food! It is corn gluten free (which apparently was KiKi's problem). Kitty is now at an excellent weight and her coat and eyes shine. KiKi's coat went from constantly shedding to being just like a sable (fur) coat, no shedding. KiKi's constant UTIs stopped too. Even my vet has remarked on how beautiful KiKi and Kitty are now and asked what I was feeding them.

So TOTW for the dogs and Wholesome Goodness for the cats, with no plans to change.


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Jan 20, 2010
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My dog Molly (cocker spaniel) was on Beneful Weight Control when we got her, and we switched her to TOTW. We have her on Blue Buffalo's Wilderness blend (high protein/low carb) and have been really happy with it. She used to have skin issues which the vet said were not food allergy related, it was just because of her breed, but now that we have switched her her skin is amazing.

I really like Blue Buff's company too...they are a family owned business and local (to me at least
they are in CT) and use really good ingredients.

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