Blue Buffalo Recall! When will it ever end?!?!


11 Years
Oct 28, 2008
So in my quest to find quality dog/cat food and after investing a small fortune I settled on the Blue Buffalo products many months back.. Get a message this weekend that there was a voluntary recall on a few of the dog foods for possible excessive Vitamin D. Of course it is the the type I use (Blue Buffalo Chicken for Large Breed) and of course I don't keep my food in the bags and store in air tight dog food containers (past ant issues led me to this) and the bag I am using has long since been tossed in the burning barrel. So now I am not sure about my code. I have noticed no significant ill effects but am just so frustrated at the hands of others making not only the food our pets eat but us too! I am always paranoid about things and have incidents like this to only reinforce this paranoia.. I also have goats and chickens and am aware of horror stories from livestock feed resulting in death and illness in livestock also (land o lakes and alpaca deaths, purina and chicken deaths/illness) the lists go on and on. I am aware that many preach the raw food diet but I would probably still find issue with that as well since we have no idea what us humans are ingesting from the grocery every day! I am not sure what to do and look at possibly switching out dog foods again.. I have been on everything from Iams, Eukanuba, Science Diet, Nutro, Wellness, and recently Blue Buffalo.. not sure where I am gonna go next.
I think Wellness Core is a really great option, as well as Taste of the Wild.
Sorry you have to got through this.
I have a 3 1/2 year old Lhasa and she has been on Blue since a puppy. She has always eaten it well but I always noticed a rash on her belly and multiple ear infections. The vet diagnosed her with allergies and suggested that it was probably the food. I tried to change her over to a food produced with minimum ingredients and she wouldn't eat it. Now I am changing her over to a totally raw prey diet. She is doing well so far with it. Her rash is almost gone and there is less digging at the ears. The only thing that I am having to do is get used to the idea that dogs were meant to eat meat not grain. I guess the re-training is for me not her. I am also trying to change my cats over to raw. The older female would do it today but the 3 year old Tom is being difficult to say the least. He shows no interest in eating anything but the kibble. If you have an interest in feeding raw take the time and research it and you will be less leary of feeding in this manner. Good luck!
I just saw the recall today too. I don't feed BB, but I'm always keeping an eye out.

I suggest Taste of the Wild for your furry friends, its better and cheaper than BB.
Contact the store you got it from and ask if they had or sold any of the food that was recalled during the time you bought it, maybe it would help?
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At least it's a "to much Vitamin. D" problem and not a mold/poison problem. Wether you switch or not, you may want to start cutting the codes out and keeping them until you finish off the bag.

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