Blue Cochin 20wk old boy or girl??


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7 Years
Oct 28, 2012

Hi all, ive only just joined and wondered if anyone with any cochin experience could tell me what this 15 week old heffalump is (top pic), i desperately dont want it to be a boy, even tho i call him, him! He/shes adorable and so friendly.

Thanks so much, he/shes 20 weeks on sunday.
looks like a pullet but I don't know much about Cochins though!
By the way you have a good looking Cochin there!!
oooh i hope so, thank you, its a very greedy beast and no crowing yet, but a very deep voice!!
I think I see the dark saddle feathers coming in but it could just be my eyes. :p. My Cochin hens were smoother in coloring and the combs smaller at 5 months. But some ladies have bigger combs than others.
thank you for your help. when did your ones start crowing or laying? x

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