Blue cochin chick with leg Problems!

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    So I got the most adorable blue cochin chicks from a lady as a trade for my Mille Fluer cockerels! Any way this was her first experience with hatching out chicks in the incubator, she bought eggs from someone and hatched them out. She said one was a little week and couldn't really walk it was also the last to hatch and the smallest. When we met to swap chicks she said she had put a hair band on it's legs because she thought it was splayed leg also as we were leaving she told me the chicks were only 12 hrs old! OMG. I looked at the baby with the brace immediately took them off because her circulation was being cut off.
    I brought babies home and put them all on towel because they were all a little wobbly gave um water with save a chic in it and all three were up and running in a couple of days. I left them on towel a little while longer so the smaller one could build up its strength. They have been on shavings for bedding for 2 wks now.

    The chick that legs were hair banded together, She has always had kind of a funny walk, but last night i noticed she wasn't getting up to eat and drink and the others were just stepping right on top of her, I immediately separated her with her own food and water, checked her out only to discover her legs looks like they have been fused together, she has had no problem until yesterday that i have noticed, before that she was up eating and drinking and pushing her way through the others, but tonight she cannot walk at all
    she cannot separate her legs at all i can maybe get my index finger in-between her joints without causing her pain, any thing more then that she squeaks like the dickens in pain, did her legs fuse together was their a bone protrusion, is their anything i can do, I don't want to cull her. she is completely away from every one at this point in my room where i can keep an eye and she can rest.
    How did I not notice this sooner we are always feeding them and handling them every couple of days and she has always walked funny since her circulation was cut off as a 12 hr old chick. Is it something i did?

    Here are some Pics that i took tonight!
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    I am nto an expert by any means, but I would say that they are fused together and it's a deformity. There's no need to cull her and no, it's nothing that you did. If she was getting up to feed before then maybe she just feels unwell. Sugared water slowly syringed into her beak will help to perk her up. As long as she walks then she'll be fine. It's a fusion of skin and bone I'd imagine, so if you prize them apart, you'll just be tearing her apart. Sorry I can't be more help.
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    ...Thinking again, it looks red and sore. Could it be infection that's fused the skin?
    She's lacking the knee joints that all chickens have isn't she. My advice - if you can get her up and moving in some way, she'll be fine.
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