Blue Cochin unable to walk temporarily

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    Jun 20, 2016
    I had a strange incident this evening. We have a total of 12 girls including one ~3 1/2 month old Blue Cochin. We went out to let the girls out of their enclosed run to free range before bed and found the Blue Cochin laying in a corner of the run unable to walk. I had visited them a few hours before and they were all fine. I brought her into the coop and gave her a thorough examination. I found no wounds, missing feathers or blood. I was able to extend and palate both legs and wings and found no signs of pain or abnormalities. When I would place her to stand she would abnormally extend her left leg straight out in front of her and was unable to take a step. I again placed her on her back in my lap and gently extended and palated both legs. After about 15 minutes I was able to get her to stand on both legs and within minutes she was able to walk normally and even jump up onto her regular sleeping spot. Any ideas of what just happened?! Could she have dislocated her hip and I somehow replaced it while extending her leg? Any other thoughts?
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    I don't have an answer, except that she may have fallen and hurt herself, either a leg, hip, or even her head. Keep an eye on her in case she exhibits these symptoms again. Do you know if she was vaccinated for Mareks disease as a young chick?

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