Blue comb death update

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    I wanted to share this ,maybe it can save someones chicken.My hen died with a blue comb the other day. The blue comb was heart,due to cocci.After posting and reading your replies i checked the sleepy ones ,blood in droppings. I went to Foys and the owner was great he made phone calls and said it sounds like cocci.I told him of the death of blue comb,he gave me the idea to search further.On my first post onthis young hen,i said she was stepping high,doing some research i found article from Dr Brown on cocci and one thing he mentioned was high stepping.I feel bad ,i feel i caused her death,the others are being treated with corid.I pray they make it,two are worse than others. I thank everyone for their kindness and knowledge . sincerly Darlene
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    Dear dmccan,

    Thank you so much for the information. I am so sorry for your loss and hope that you can forgive yourself in what you think was your fault. Unfortunatly on this earth no one can be all things to all things. We can only try to do our best. I have no doubt that you have a dedication to your chickens and their well being.[​IMG]

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