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    I know that Amercauana's and Cream Legbars lay a blue egg, my question or questions to the BYC community is what other breeds lay blue eggs and the more detailed about the hue of blue and the size of each breeds egg would be wonderful. Any other comments on each breeds personality and characteristics are also welcome and very much appreciated.

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    Easter eggers can lay blue eggs. They can also be pink, green or cream colored. They are medium sized usually. Ameracanas and araucanas lay blue medium eggs. They are very hard breeds to fine pure bred though. Legbars and arkansas blues also lay blue eggs.

    If you are wanting a steady supply of eggs, arkansas blues win hands down. They are great producers.
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    Aug 23, 2014
    thank's Mountain Peeps,i'm going to search those out,i would like to have a few of those![​IMG]

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