Blue eggs from Mutts

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    Not sure if this is the right place to post, but I couldn't find anything closer.

    I have a very strange chicken. She has a face like a hawk, normal body and blue legs. Her mother is half white leghorn, and half turken. The mother does not have a naked kneck, but her sister does. She lays white eggs. The rooster is half Wellsumer, half Americauna. It took the hawk faced hen 9 months to start laying, but now that she is she is laying light blue eggs. Her sister is dark gray and has yet to lay an egg. I'm hoping her's will be blue too. Is this to be expected or just a fluke?

    I'm planning on hatching more this summer if the outcome can be expected to be the same.
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    Nov 7, 2012
    The blue egg gene is dominant, so I'm guessing she picked it up from her sire.
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    O - blue egg o-non blue egg
    one parent other parent
    OO oo = all blue egg layers
    Oo oo = 50 percent blue egg layers
    oo oo = no blue egg layers
    OO OO = all blue egg layers

    If I do the math correctly you have a Oo male parent and an oo female parent. That would give you a 50/50 of the blue gene being in any particular offspring.

    Then you need to add brown into the equation which is independent from blue all together. Blue+Brown makes some shade of "greenish".
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