Blue Front Amazon Parrot For Sale


9 Years
Feb 21, 2010
Ok Im hating to even list My Pal Ozzy for sale.He's app. 4 years old.He is a super bird.He does have vocabulary and is very loving and an attention hog once He get's used to someone.He will be Local pickup ONLY!We live in SW Va.So if anyone is close enough.He need's a good loving home with someone to spend some time with him.Previous Large bird owner would be A Plus. We will be moving and it's Unlikely I will be able to take him along.Renter's here are so Insane about pet's usualy.He come's with large cage/perch and his food and toy's.He just had wing clip and nail's will be at buyer's discretion.We do wing's ourselve's which We got help from local pet shop owner tip and help from the person I got him from about 4 years ago. and He is fairly easy doing the wing's.He's a nice bird not agressive, May not be suited for someone with older kid's.I have 2 year old grandson and they have common ground.So he's great if you dont harrass him right off the bat.He's needs to get to know people slowly.IMMA PRETTY BOI,Gmornin,Sucha pretty Birddd,Step Up,OMG,Whadda Ya Doin, are just a few of the thing's he says.And He dances He loves Rap.Thank my daughter for that one! If you have any question's please feel free to pm me.

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