blue golden/yellow duckwing vs. blue golden duckwing

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    I've been trying to find actual pictures of blue golden duckwing birds. I've been using the chicken calculator and ive been trying to find out pictures to see the actual difference between these two color patterns i keep coming up with. would a TRUE "golden" duckwing have a reddish hackle like the top picture? and is the cream coloring on the hackle/saddle what would be considered the "golden/yellow" color? man, i wish i had this guys rooster, haha... so pretty.

    blue golden duckwing

    blue golden/yellow duckwing

    now, this bird is what i keep finding for "blue golden duckwing" - is he actually a golden/yellow duckwing?

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    The top picture is a true Gold, not Golden. Meaning he's homozygous for the gold genes. It is also referred to as Black Breasted Red (except he's blue) The middle photo is the "Golden" - Both gold and silver genes. It is the same a the photo of the cock at the bottom.

    So the answer to your last question - Yes.

    There's Silver duckwing, which is solid white and black (or blue in this case)

    There's Golden duckwing, which is creamy yellow-white hackles and saddle and color on the shoulders, like your pictured male

    Then there's BBR, or also known as Gold Duckwing, which is the top photo - A solid reddish color with a black, or in this case, blue breast.

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