Blue & Green Egg Designer Hybrids

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  1. There are so many of these, it's confusing.

    I know that Olive Eggers are any dark egg breed crossed with any blue/green egg breed.

    But I've seen mentions of F2 and F3 etc Olive Eggers to get other colors of eggs. I've seen some pics of those eggs from the succeeding generations and they are some fantastic colors.

    I think Sapphires are White Leghorns crossed with either CCL's or maybe any blue egg breed? I'm not sure.

    I also see mentions here and there of other hybrids involving blue/green eggs.

    Please enlighten me. What hybrids do you know of and what are they called?

    Do you have any hybrid projects of your own? Can you post pics of your hybrid birds and the eggs they produce?

    I have easter eggers with Marans to make Olive Eggers but that's the extent of my project. I don't know if I'll try for F2s. Maybe I will, maybe not.
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    Nov 26, 2011
    The "F" just designated the number of generations from the initial cross. F1s are the initial result of the cross and F2s are the second generation after the cross. Once you get your hybrid/breed developed to its finished state you want then you are done using the F designations and you can give them any name you want.

    The result of your easter egger / Marans cross will be F1 olive eggers. You gotta make F1s before you can try for F2s
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    I have a couple of California Gray hens and I'm working on getting a Arkansas Blue Ro to breed them with. The CA Grays are barred, very productive single purpose white egg layers with a calm disposition. The Arkansas Blue's carry the blue egg gene and also leghorn lineage.
    My plan is to start with black sex-links; AB ro over CA Gray that lay blue eggs. If that works I may keep one of the barred Roosters and breed him back to AB again to add barring. I'm not sure yet. [​IMG]

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