blue, green, red Coloured chicks how do people do this, is it safe!


8 Years
Mar 7, 2011
How are people getting chicks to turn funky colours when they are young like blues,greens reds etc, do they put food colouring or food dye in there water, i want to know if its safe for little chookies cause it would be a great treat for people to see at Easter time as its not far away.
Im assuming it would work better on white chicks any comments or anyone done this!
ive done it once but it involves injecting dye into a half developed eggs and is illegal to do in some places. i no in my area i can do it as long as i dont sell, trade or give them a way. as far as safe goes i got 2 of 6 eggs to hatch but i also didnt seem to have a very good hatch over all from the group i had in there at the time. the dye comes out as they get there feathers. i have heard there might be a few other ways to do it but again they might be illegal in most areas.

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