Blue Kote and swat fly repellent?


9 Years
Jun 25, 2013
Well, one of my chickens did suffer a wound from a predatory attack. She's not so bad that I think she needs to be away from the others for an extended period of time to heal. She'd probably do better the sooner I can get her back to the others. I have her isolated just so the others won't peck her wound. I'll be running out first thing in the morning to get supplies.

The swat fly repellent is an ointment. I'm going to dress a wound with blu kote. Do I apply the blue kote, let it dry, then apply the swat ointment? Will that work? I've never used either of the products before. I don't have many flies but I don't want to risk maggots. I'll redress her wound twice daily for a week, then once daily until the skin has regrown.

I've irrigated her wound (dime sized) with copious amounts of water, pat it dry then applied some betadine. It's on her back just before her tail (saddle area?). She's eating and drinking despite her confinement. Poor Fifi. She's such a sweetheart. :(

Thanks all for your help!
Sorry that no one saw your post. Late nite posts get buried sometimes. You have probably already done it, but the bluKote first would stay on better, then put on Swat. If you can keep her in the house for a couple of days away from flies, it would be even better to put neopsorin ointment on it alone daily, then do the above after going back outside. The BluKote is only necessary for the pecking issue.

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