Blue Lace Red Wyandotte chicks - what gender are they?


Nov 14, 2009
Can anyone tell me what the features are that would distinguish the males from females in the BLRW chicks? These are 6 weeks old. Going by the comb, and the little fighting dance, I suspect I have a few males. I have a total of 5 but it was a challenge to get them all on camera, so I'm starting with these three. I thought the males would have less lacing on the wings, but they all have the lacing, it seems to me. Can someone tell me how that works and what to look for at this stage?



i really just cant tell, the stance says pullet. and maybe its just me but the tail looks like a pullet too?
i hate being stumped.
Well, I'm pretty sure two is a boy. The first seems to be a pullet and three I'm not sure on yet. How's that for an answer?
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But... #3 hardly has a comb. And #1 had a bigger comb right from the get go, and is one that I often see doing the little boy fighting stance. Doesn't that mean anything?

Are you mostly looking at the combs? Does the colouring and lacing mean anything? Any Wyandotte experts weighing in on this?
Two is male.

I'm leaning toward male for number one, also. You can see the darker shading on the wing and thicker legs.

3 I think is female. The lacing is crisper and more defined, plus thin legs and lack of comb and wattles.

The lacing doesn't really change for another month or so, I think. Rose combs are slower to tell males than the usual straight combed birds.

Post again in 3-4 weeks and let us see how things are going?

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