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o kay, I as a lot of you know, am doing a ton of work in the d'anver color projects.
Currently starting them in the 3 laced, gold, silver and buff. But am also wanting to make the blue laced reds in them eventually, my main goal of this thread.
Question is, in the US what all breeds are available in this color pattern, red laced or blue laced red, or just red, but in bantam?
what would be the best to use on a gold laced to get it to the red as well. from there, it's easy. I have all the gold, silver, and buff laced going already, and am working on bluing the gold and silver as well with splash birds ( I know how the blue, dun , dominate white, and lavender genes work on colors). Getting a good candidate for the red project is proving tuff though...anyone out there with good bantam reds, or red laced birds similar in type to d'anver or old english? I dont mind years of corrective type breeding, just need a good color source to start with...
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I would use splashed D'Anver over GL wyandotte or actually a Sebright would probably work best. The Options are pretty limited on some of the laced birds.
Good Luck
I agree with the Splash, as that will give you 100% blues in your first generation. The major difference in chosing the lacing to come from the Wyandotte or Sebright is this:
Wyandotte - based on eb Brown - the tail is not patterned.
Sebright - based on ER Brichen - the tail is patterned.
with that, I actually have old english in gold laced, silver laced and buff laced, so that's where my work will start on the laced d'anvers for now.
Like the sebrights, they are fully laced, and do have a similar body style, 4 back crosses to d'anver will have them extremely close in type.
BUT, once I do the splash to GL cross, then what would be best to use to redden to base color of the bird?
Like Danny said, I'm really pinned down on possible choices. didnt really want to use a wyandotte do to how much correction to type I'd be looking at.
Any suggestions would be great, as I plan to start all this this coming season.
I am working on blue laced red cochin. I have already bred splashed to gold laced and they came out solid blue now I have to see what happens when I breed these back together. They are ready to lay so I will know a little more soon.
Here's one of my F1 BLR Cochin pullets at about 4-1/2 months - dark blue, and the lacing is wider (more GL) than the thin outline normally seen on blues. The pullets will be bred back to their sire, and hopefully we'll start seeing some red/gold filling in the lacing.


This is the GL sire:
Boggy Bottom Bantams,
Are you going for a Blue Laced Red or a Blue Laced Gold?
If you are going to go for the Blue Laced Red then you are going to have to breed in a Red color bird like a Rhode Island Red or a Red Old English to change the Gold to Red..

Hey Gail you have better gold laced to work with.
Aubry that's a good point. I wonder if a Mahogany bird would do the same? The thing is there are so many vartiations of red.
yea Chris,
RED is my goal, the blue laced silvers and golds are no problem, once I get the correct to type , all I'll have to do then is cross them to a splash and back breed to the laced after that, that's no big deal there.
The red is my problem, trying to find a good candidate to use. would love to find some nice dark red old english to use with the GL to get them ready a quick cross to my GL to get the red laced would knock years off as opposed to spending 4 years or better to get the GL 'danvers perfected just to out cross them again after that and start all over.

Does anyone know anyone with some nice red or even red laced old english, or anything similar in body shape? Time and pen space are no problem, just need to find some good candidated to work with.
My goals are black laced, Blue Laced Red D'Anvers in the long run,
but like I said, I am working on the gold, silver and buff too ( in blue as well on the silver and gold) But, I have those going, so no biggie there.
A good source of a red bird would be great!, needs to be bantam though

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