May 20, 2016
So I have a couple of 10 week old blue laced red Wyandotte’s that I think are pullets. I had three my last batch and all ended up to be roosters. They had very obvious wattles at this age and were sparing with each other all the time. These two have very feminine faces but one has less structured lacing on the wings and they are darker. It was born with two black spots in the back and some darker almost charcoal or black feathering is coming in there. I’m hoping it’s pigment is not off and it’s not developing the blocking on the wings that the males get. If it wasn’t for the coloring I would say pullet for sure. Can anyone tell me if this darker one is still a pullet like I’m hoping? I’ll post a picture of the other one that I’m very confident is a pullet. This first picture is her, most of the others are the one in question, aside from the picture of them out together. The last two pictures are the one in question with the darker brown feathering as well.
If it is male it's very late blooming in the comb wattles Dept but it wouldn't be the first I've seen do that

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. If it’s a male it’s a very late bloomer. All my other BLRW roosters had obvious wattles by 5/6 weeks old!

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