blue laced red wyandotte,blue wheaton americauna


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Aug 4, 2011
these are two breeds i'm considering...
please post
-pics of yours
-rate its friendliness from 1-10
-how often yours lays
-And if you would recommend it



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Jun 30, 2008
The Ameraucanas are really friendly birds. All of mine have done great in my flock (with the exception of a black roo, but he was just enthusiastic), great pets, and I would jump at the chance to have them again. My blue boy from Cree farms was particularly exceptional - had color faults but his temperament was GOLD. They Ameraucanas are a bit more heat and cold sensitive than the Wyandottes - you're just going to get more eggs out of the BLRW, but in my experience, the Wyandottes are much more bird-aggressive.

So much of ALL of this will depend on what line you buy from...


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May 1, 2011
Here are a couple little BLRW. My guys are all still little.

I have a Columbian Wyandotte that I LOVE! Far left, white and black.

She has some additude, but overall is a really nice, hardy, low maintenance hen. I would not hesitate to add another columbian, BLR, or EE (large "red-brown" hen in the middle). All three are great! And unless you want to breed, (keep the breeds/lines clean=seperate coops) why not have all three?!

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Apr 19, 2009
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I raise blue wheatEn amerAUcanas. They are beautiful, friendly birds. Maybe about a 7. They aren't the best layers. Moults seem to be longer, and mine have all started laying pretty late as compared to my marans & orps. If you want a colorful flock I would recommend them, but have some other breeds to fill in the gaps. I keep orps and cochins and welsummers in my wheaten coop that way I can hatch all the blue eggs for pure chicks, but still have lots of eating eggs or EE and OE hatching eggs from the other hens.

I have posted these before on the "ameraucana thread". There is a ton of good information there.


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Jun 30, 2009
Lebanon TN
Wyandotte's are NOT agressive in any way. I'm guessing the one's with attitude may be coming from hatchery stock. Wyandotte's are very cold hardy but don't care much for heat...did ok in 115 degrees but we offer them watered down pens fans and covered pens.My Ameraucana's are the same lines as HappyMtn's and although I like them they don't hold much to my Wyandotte' aviator is my BLRW roo when he was still pretty young....and getting ready to crow so he was more upright than he would be normally.
Having people post pics of Wyandotte's won't help you much as I said if they are hatchery based stock they won't look anything like breeder stock...and then you get into how much you are willing to pay to buy your birds..good breeding stock runs upwards of $100 a pair and hatchery stock a few dollars.

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