Blue laced red wyandotte chicks

Does anyone know where i can get blue laced red wyandotte chicks in Memphis,Tennessee?
let me take a look around, hang on..
Maybe here? I'll keep looking: (Grimsley, TN)

They wrote an ebook on how to breed BLRW>

Here ya go. Mr. Henry has been in poultry for years. Very reputable.
In TN. If someone has them, he probably knows them. A real nice guy.

email this eBay seller in TN. has the Foley line (very good!). Maybe they have more or chicks for sale. Just can't sell chicks on eBay.

Here ya go, this is real good. Note you are in District 5 and the Director lives in Madisonville, TN. Email him and tell him your wants, he will know who has them in your area.
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Meyer and MPC are sold out for the season. I just got mine last week, I ordered them last fall. If you want breeds like that, you have to order FAR in advance. Your best bet is to find someone locally who has chicks, or order hatching eggs.

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