Blue Laced Red Wyandotte - Color chart?

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    I am new to chickens! And as I am doing MUCH research, and the results of my chicken math...I now have 4 silver laced Wyandottes, and 4 gold laced wyandottes (two of which are roos). After getting my initial chicks, the lady I bought them from was talking excited about a newer color variety known as blue laced red wyandottes. Being the research personality I am, I went home and started looking them up. LOVED the color, and needles to say...two weeks later...I had four more little cuties to add to the bunch. (3 BLRW, and one oddball)

    Anywho, my question do I evaluate for color? I know that orange is a big no no. I do see occasional hard to find listings on them, and I am often tempted to go buy a bunch more BLRWs. I actually had to stop myself today when I was evaluating a mother hen's color. Is that brown to light???? However, now that I kind of know what to look for...I don't want to contribute to bad breeding attempts by others. I want to encourage those that are trying to breed "true colors" for this not yet recognized pattern.

    So, does anyone have a link or chart that I can look at? I do look at tons of pictures, but how do I know if these are the best representation? For the record, I believe the 3 I have (two are roos) are good in color, however they are really to young to judge for sure, they are only 3 months old. I'm not sure I want to breed, I don't have the experience yet to breed good quality.

    What are your thoughts? : )

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