Blue Laced Red Wyandotte hatching eggs


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May 28, 2015
South Louisiana
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Jerry Foley's line of LF BLRW, some very fine birds. Bred toward the proposed SOP, still have some faults (dont we all?) but good breeders to get you started toward shows. Very sweet friendly disposition and they lay a light brown egg. Eggs will be as clean as possible from the source, unwashed and fresh within 4 days. Fertility is high but sometimes they cant shake back and begin development after too long of a travel. I will package as well as possible, bubble wrapping each egg individually and double boxing the whole deal.

The blue works on the andalusian blue principle. It does not breed true. We have the very nice blue hen pictured, a black hen, a light splash hen and a darker splash hen under the very blue roo who is pictured. So all BBS colors will be possible with these hatching eggs.

30$ per dozen
20$ shipping

Please dont hesitate to PM me any questions!
Sounds nice, so you're using them as show birds? Looks like winning birds to me :love such beautiful chickens, i have show silkies, haven't showed em yet but planning to.

I dont have time for showing yet with three human toddlers :gig theyre just beautiful yard candy that i breed forward to the proposed standard to share with other people. Thanks again though! i think theyre wonderful but im a tad biased ;)
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