Blue laced red wyandotte? Hen or roo?

Bella D

5 Years
Jun 5, 2017
I purchased these beautiful chicks at the feed store about a month ago for my broody frizzle to raise.They where sold as blue laced red wyandottes. Are they? I'm thinking I got two hens but I'm new to chickens so it is just a guess.
Thank you in advance


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They do look like they could be Wynadottes but not Blue Laced Reds, colors are interesting. They looking pullets to me, how old are they? Looking older than a month, maybe closer to 2 months? I maybe wrong, others will be peeping in to help out :) Love the coloring on both, different.
Could be out of BLR Wyandottes, but aren't. They'd basically be blues with some red leakage.
Thank you :)
When I bought them they already had some wing feathers coming in so I don't know how old they where.I have had them a month. Even as babies they where mostly grey. Most of the chicks looked red and blue.These two where different. It really doesn't matter my daughter and I are crazy about them. I just thought it was odd they would look so different.Glad they look like wyandotte's.
Very happy so far they look like pullets. .last year I had 14 chicks, 4 hens 10 roo's! ! Re homing was fun :(

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