Blue laced red wyandotte leg color

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    Apr 25, 2012
    Hi everyone. I started with BLRW's a couple years ago and while I hatched some last year, this year I really dove in. I was able to get a pair from Foley (black hen/splash roo) and kept them separate from my other breeding pen. Both have very nice yellow legs, but out of their offspring (all blues of course) only a couple have the deep yellow legs. A lot of them are a paler color. When they hatched they looked better but have definitely lightened up. I am really pleased with everything else about them but kind of bummed out about the leg color. I actually have better leg color in my chicks from the other breeding pen that had birds with decent color but not nearly as good. Also, I noticed the splashes seem to have the best leg color overall, is that normal?

    I did find a link to some leg color genetics but found it a little confusing...I suppose I was thinking that if both parents had very correct color at least the majority of their offspring would! Could it be environmental or an age thing? They all hatched between march and may.

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