Blue Laced Red Wyandotte - Male or Female?


10 Years
Jan 10, 2010
West Sound, Washington
Hi all. We have our first batch of chicks and they are growing up nicely! Having tons of fun.

We have one Wyandotte, and this chick seems to be a bit different than the rest. Could be breed since we only have one and can't compare to siblings..

She's larger and more aggressive (not mean, but not shy about plowing over others to get what she wants.)
Has a more upright stance than the rest of the group (Faverolles and Sussex)

Although she's bigger, she also is taking more time to get her feathers in..


1 week ago:


I would guess roo too. I had a Wyandottec chick who turned out to be a rooster, and he was just like this as he grew up.
5 weeks old tomorrow.

Well, we didn't really "want" any males, but since we're out in rural-ville, there's nothing that prohibits me having them. If it does turn out to be a male, we'll just have to play it by ear and see how he works out.

Thanks :)
Here he is one month ago, running around causing trouble:

(Approx 2 months old here.)

And here he is today. 99% sure it's a boy. Anyone think differently? (3 months and a few days old)

He's being a good boy so far, so we're fine to keep him. Since we're in it for the eggs and "pets", we never planned on a rooster... But we like him so far :)

Makes a big deal about being picked up (i really have to corner him), but once I pick him up, he's quite calm and just hunkers down in my arms.
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Does anyone have an idea on these Wyandotte chicks; male or female?

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