Blue Laced Red Wyandotte Pair- Vermont


Free Ranging
12 Years
Oct 16, 2010
I've got a pair of Wyandotte worth breeding. Large fowl, 20 weeks old, both are blue. Cockerel has a good comb, good type and excellent lacing. Pullet also excellent lacing, and second best in body type. Both lack red in hackles but do express the mahogany red base. They'd make for a good mated pair to start a flock of BLRW. $40 for pair- pick up only. Barton, VT.

Also have 20 week pullet with faulty beak. Upper beak stopped growing at 12 weeks and lower continued. No problems with eating or drinking. Lighter blue color and red has decided orange tinge. Make for a pretty layer. $15-pick up in Barton, VT

PM for photos or questions.
I've never shipped birds before. It's a very expensive endeavor. These are good but wouldn't think they are shipping cost worthy.

I'll have eggs available this coming spring, think that would be a better option for you. If you really want shipped birds I could part with a trio to make it worth your while. I see Myers hatchery has large shipping boxes- 32x16x20. A pair would fit well in medium box- 16X16X16.
No. I was hoping to sell them before the need of shooting them. I nobody wants them eat the cockerel and breed the pullet in spring.

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