Blue Laced Red Wyandottes hatching eggs 12+


9 Years
Aug 3, 2010
Huntington, WV
I purchased my stock as adult birds that had been through Foley's cull process to make it to started pullets and roos.

We are NPIP Cert in WV

Though I have just one feedback here, you can look up my same user name "Deineria" on ebay and see over
500 feedback - all 100% positive

I have one Splash Rooster over 7 hens: 5 Blue, 1 Splash and 1 black.

I've purchased hatching eggs many times, and I've hatched many hundreds of eggs.
This will be the first sale I'll do that I will ship and will take all precautions to package
per your request or will package as carefully as the many eggs I've received have been.

I've hatched about 50 chicks personally from this flock since the purchase about 3 months ago.

Fertility is about 90%. I've had anywhere from 100% hatch rate to a 60% on eggs I've set
myself, but this is based on a Brinsea verses LG bator. I've had anywhere from a 90% hatch rate to a 30% based on
local sales I've done, but I have no idea how they were handled once leaving me.

These have been collected over the past 5 days - tomorrow being day 6. They are kept point down in cartons.

These are gorgeous birds! If you'd like more photos - just ask

They do lay a smaller egg than some of my EEs, RIRs and Orpingtons, but the chicks have hatched out as pictured below, as
large as my other breeds - including Welsummers, Marans and barnyard crosses.








(chicks from one hatch recently - some BLRWs are mixed in - same hatch age - to show their size next to Marans and other breeds)

I've been as forthcoming and honest as possible. I would like feedback based on arrival condition, as that is the type of feedback all others expect and the
type I always give as a buyer here and elsewhere.


these are the actual eggs - I'll send extras, if possible

this shows the size of the actual eggs

I accept paypal or money order - if you're willing to wait for it to arrive -
my paypal address is [email protected]
Once the package leaves me, though, I AM not responsible for the handling.
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