Blue Laced Red Wynodotte Rooster Looking for a good home

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    Jun 5, 2014
    Clarksville, TN
    Looking to re-home this rooster as we are not allowed to have them in our area. This rooster was hatched in a classroom from a set of eggs we ordered that were supposed to be Blue Laced Red wynodotes. He is very friendly and has been handled by children from the start. He's not a typical rooster, as of yet he's not aggressive or mean towards humans or other chickens. I do not want to re-home him to someone looking for food, and reserve the right to decline someone whom I think might use him for these purposes. We would like to see him go to someone who will keep him as we did as pet or someone whom needs to extend their flock. He would make beautiful chicks. He is deep red/black and his feathers have a sheen of green.

    I'm in the Clarksville TN area. You can text to 931-572-8280

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