Blue Laced Red Wyondotte Foley /Sterling Sue lines 12+


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Dec 3, 2011
Otego NY
Never sold hatching eggs before but its time for those feather balls to start paying for themselves ! Parents were hatched February 18 from eggs purchased from a member here. Foley /Sterling Sue genetics , fertility has been very good ( 90%+) with the 2 hatches I have done.
Sale is for 1 dozen plus whatever the girls give me by the pack/ship date.Eggs are kept at around 50-55 degrees and rotated.I am in the Otego NY area so i anyone is local we could skip the shipping ( also might be able to sell you some chicks)
Price is $45.00 shipped - I'll pack them very well and as stated I'll include extras but once they are shipped I cannot guarantee them as I have zero control of how they are handled once they are in transit - the usual disclaimer .
Here are a few "older" pics of the parents(8 1/2 months) - I will update the pics later today with more recent ones and also of the chicks ( about 7 weeks old). There are 2 Roos over 3 hens - These pictures were taken I believe in late July to mid August.

Any questions comments advice funny jokes please feel free to PM me.Also I would be open to offers or possible egg trades . I am new to all this so be kind
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You have very pretty birds, I just love the splash. Its too early for me to start hatching, but I will be looking for eggs after the first of the year.
It was brought to my attention that the single comb birds aren't to breed standard and just to be straight with everyone there is a roo and hen in there with single combs .... My 2 hatches that I have done so far have given only 2 other single combs ( 2 out of 34 ) but that single gene is in there for a while - The 2 singles have gotten a new home so in December I should have clean rose over rose. If anyone still wants any of these eggs up until mid december let me know maybe we can work something out - egg trades - offers whatever.
hi, I am interested in these. When would you be shipping? Are there any problems with the postal services because of the storm? And do you accept PayPal?​
Someone just bought a batch that will be going out on tues/wed (13th-14th)- I can have another batch of 12+ ready to go by the following mon/tues (19th-20th).
Yes we take paypal and all that mess from the storm went just south of us - all we saw was a little wind and about 1/2 inch of rain
The girls slowed down a bit and I need to load the incubator - I'll put up a new ad when the eggs start coming in solid again.
Thanks to all that purchased


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