Blue-Laced wyandottes


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Oct 10, 2012
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Sorry if this has been asked a dozen times before...

When I Google Blue-laced wyandotte I see a pic of a hen with a BLUE belly and that seemed to be THE advertising pic last year, but this year all of the hatcheries seem to be calling the birds "blue laced red wyandotte" and showing birds that are light grey, not BLUE.

Am I just a sucker for believing that someone developed a consistently BLUE breed?
I'd really like to get some girls with more color in them this year....

If there are some consistently BLUE breeds, I'd love to know where to get them.
Other colors would be nice too, but this year I am mostly looking to get olive eggers, chocolate eggers and blue butts...

Please advise.
Feb 9, 2020
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The blue color to my knowledge is quite variable in the shading of it, the gene is also kinda weird. BL is the blue genes symbol, but two BLs will result in a splash, and no BL will result in black. Andalusian has a blue color, and blue laced wyandottes are blue laced red. Also, hatchery birds are not the best.


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Mar 11, 2017
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Blue IS diluted black, which is grey. All "blue" chickens and ducks are grey. They are not like parrots or other tropical birds that actually have blue feathers. Perhaps there is some confusion with the term "blue" when it comes to poultry.

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