Blue Langshan Hen- More info, breeders???

Ednas Keeper

8 Years
Aug 21, 2011
We got a Blue Langshan hen as a chick this spring, not knowing what we were getting. we went to get barred rocks and orpintons but they didn't have Orpintons and recommended this Langshan. At first I wasn't so thrilled but now she is the prettiest of the bunch. Can anyone tell me more about the Langshans and the blue strain? How do I know if she is of good confirmation. Should we find a Langshan Rooster next year? Is this breed rare, I can't seem to find much about them and much less a blue one. I haven't seen many on BYC (Blue anyhow).
Can't post yet since I am a new egg. Will post once that changes
Thank you for all your help

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