Blue Light Brown Leghorn Hatching Eggs For Sale


6 Years
5 Years
Jan 23, 2014
Offering hatching eggs from my Blue Light Brown Leghorns for $30 plus $18 shipping per dozen. I've developed this flock of Blue Light Brown Leghorns in the last 6 years from an out cross with Blue Andalusian to my Light Brown Leghorns. They are now breeding true to Leghorn type, however, due to the nature of the blue plumage trait, some chicks from these eggs may be light brown and some may be homozygous blue (blue splash) light brown. This pen consists of four Blue Light Brown roosters over eight Blue Light Brown hens, a homozygous Blue (splash) Light Brown and four Light Brown hens. The possibility also exists for an occasional Isabella colored chick (third image) because a few of these breeder birds may carry the lavender trait.

I've been shipping eggs for a few years and package them well. Eggs will be less than a week old, unwashed, stored at about 60 degrees and rotated twice daily prior to shipping. Fertility is currently at 95%.

Remember to always allow shipped eggs to "rest" large end up for 24 hours prior to incubating.

I cannot be responsible for rough handling by the USPS, nor your incubation practices.

I ship eggs on Saturday's or Monday's to insure prompt arrival before the following weekend. Most shipments will arrive at destination on Tues - Thurs. PayPal payments only please.

Questions welcome. My objective is for you to succeed.

Thank You


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