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Oct 27, 2021
I had 6 chicks hatch this week. They are a cross between a Blue Maran rooster (brown egg) and an Easter Egger Hen (light green egg). They are only a few days old and I am curious if anyone else has a similar cross and what did the offspring's egg color turn out to be? I was hoping to make some olive eggers! But the whole genetic formula is a bit confusing!
A surrogate hen hatched them in the coop, she is also a blue maran but not related to the chicks. This is my first time ever hatching chicks at home, I have always bought them from feed stores.

Chick Details:
4 chicks are solid black
2 chicks are grey (blue)
5/6 have foot feathers
5/6 have full beard/cheeks

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Nov 17, 2016
It will all depend on the parents egg color genes which we don't know.
To get true olive eggs the Marans need to be from a line that lays really dark brown eggs. Not all lines do and since he doesn't lay eggs it's unknown.
With the hen being an EE her genes are unknown also. She may carry two genes for blue shells or she may only carry one.
If she only carries one which is the case a lot of the times then half the offspring will lay brown eggs and half will lay some shade of green.

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