Blue Mottled Cochin Bantam Cockerel~ Awesome type! ~NPIP

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This gorgeous boy is around 5 months old and is showing excellent type. He would be great to put with hens that have good mottling or over-mottling. He should get more white mottling as he ages. He is out of my Blue Mottled Roo and Splash hens. Healthy & clean, NPIP # 51-370. We are in the 90 day AI program. He does have more points on his comb than he should. This is his only flaw. Sorry I have no pullets to go with him. Shipping goes by weight (6 pounds in box w/fruit) and zip code. Give me your zip code for shipping quote. Thanks for looking. Sorry no shipping to VA. Testing rules are too strict. If he doesn't sell by July 25th he is going to freezer camp. I just don't have the space.
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I have a customer looking for a roo & 3-4 pullets/hens. How much would shipping be for this boy & the little girl to 43812?

I won't break up the other pair. The pullet and the other Roo are close to the same age, This Roo is much older/bigger and might kill the little pullet in shipping. This boy goes alone. I won't get stuck with just the lesser quality boy, I won't be able to sell him alone. But this boy will sell alone just fine because of his quality/type. Sorry
~PRICE REDUCTION~ $5 b/c he has too many points on his comb. DQ for show, but he may still produce some good offspring. :)
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Are you positive that he wil get the white mottling? I'd love a blue mottled cochin but I already have way more young blues that I want and need and really don't want to get another if he doesn't mottle out. I also pm'd you about some mille fleurs.
I am not positive, as I am new to this color. He is from my Cochin Coop stock and Mandy said he should. That's the best I can tell you. You could ask her if you want. :)

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