Blue or Split Lavender Orpingtons (SE TN NO Ship)

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    Apr 19, 2009
    Fall Creek Falls TN
    I have another pair of large fowl Orpingtons for sale. This pair is EITHER:

    1-Blue Disney Roo, 6 months old, and Black (split for lav) Hinkjc Pullet also 6 months old.

    and this girl:

    2-Black split for lavender (1 year old) roo and black split for lavender pullet, 6 months old, both Hinkjc.

    and pullet in second picture.
    I also have a pair of point-of-lay lavender project orps in a seperate listing, as well as blue, splash and split lavender chicks.
    Willing to trade for girls with mottling gene.

    We are between 37327 and 37367. Pick up or meet in the area only.
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