blue orp eggs in the bator!!

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Apr 4, 2007
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Well, wish me luck. I received 9 blue orp eggs from the famous Skye and Velvet this morning. Speckled Hen sent them so well packaged that even if they threw the box they wouldn't have broken! If I ever ship eggs I will do like she did...

after the shredded newspaper and foam was removed:

double bubble=wrapped eggs:

each egg identified;
Good Luck Carrie!!...I just set some blue/black/splash/mottle from Julie and some of mine last we are on track together!
Thanks, Cyn. I have twenty set in a different bator- yesterday was day 1 for them. I will count tomorrow as day 1 for the blue orp eggs. My birthday is April 19 and I will have lots of eggs hatching that week!
Good luck to you, Tuffoldhen!
I now want all the orps I can get. LOL I hope I get pullets since Cyn's shipped eggs seem to put out pullets and she keeps the cockerals.
Seriously, though, I do hope I get one cockeral only.
Isn't spring great?
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Sorry, Cyn, I was away from the computer. That is a hoot...I hope I get a splash how great would that be???

Yes, thank you I did get the envelope. I should have told you but was too excited over the eggs.
Man I gotta get some of those Blue Orp eggs sometime later this summer. They look so nice I am in envey every time you all post those pics of them.

I got a broody Pheonix hen sitting on a 10 egg assortment and bought 6 more EE's yesterday at the feed store to go with the rest of my now 44 chickens.

Hey, Ozark,
I set some of Cyn's Orp eggs, too - they're on day 6 today. I can't wait to candle! The PO took forever getting them to me, so I hope they didn't kill them all!!!
I'm really sorry, but I got all of the splash pullet eggs!!! They will go beautifully with the black cockerel I already have!
We'll have to compare pics once they hatch!!!

Good luck with your hatch and you, too, Tuff!!!

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watch it there Lori, I will have to wish real hard for you to get all cockerals............

This is so cool, we will have to keep in touch to see what all we each get!!
Now I saw a thread on here somewhere that a hatchery is selling white orps. I think I might get in on that too. ha ha I want to see if I can get all the different colored orps. I have five buff orps right now and love those chickens. I cannot wait to see what I get when the eggs hatch. I only have two blue giant cochins as roos here. I assume they are both blue. When I bought the chicks one was suppose to be blue and one black but they look the same to me!
Cyn does a great job of packing doesn't she?! You're right the PO could have used my box as a basketball and I think they would have been fine.

Good luck with your hatch!

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