Blue Orpington Cockerel, 11 Wks, Son of Suede ~ FREE~/ N. Ga. Mtns


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Blue Orpington boy is 11.5 weeks old. Very light in color like his mother, Smoky, with nice dark brown eyes, he was raised by a broody, but it's time for him to find a new home. He's a sweetie, but I still have his daddy, Suede, and have no place for him here, though, if I don't find a home for him today, I'm going to give him a name so I can stop calling him "blue boy".

He is free to a good home, and I'd like to see pictures of your coop/setup where he will be living to satisfy myself that he will be relatively safe, but I will not ship him. I'm in Fannin County, GA.

This boy could be Seude's last youngster--no longer getting fertile eggs from that pen. Suede is almost 4 yrs old and not a motivated breeder any longer.

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But then why are you going to sell him? You're not going to breed Blue Orps anymore?

And have you sold Bandit yet?
i believe im gonna come pick these guys up both the EE and blue guy im looking to see what kind of crosses i can get. roos are a good things i have breeding projects going on

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