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Aug 26, 2007
Longmont, CO
Yep, they hate me.
I'm getting less fond of them at this point too.

I get a big old box of eggs and the ones that really hate me, just plain refuse to start developing at all. That's about 90%. Then I get a few to grow. I think they are the dumb ones who didn't get the memo not to develope at all.

So they start to develop and go into hatch mode. They poke a big old hole in their shell to have a good look outside. They sit there looking outside for 12-24 hours. Can't decide if they want to come out to this cold cruel world.

Remember, these are the dumb ones, so they sit there trying to decide weather to come out or not and they get all dried up. So me being they nice person that I am, can't stand to let them die, so I help them out, get their wings unglued from their heads and hope they survive.

Now it dawns on them they they hate me so they flop around and can't get their footings and worry me to death.

All the while, Maran's, Buff orps, barred rocks or whatever else I'm hatching at the time. seem to like me, pop out of their shells like little jumping beans and run around like little crazies. All happy with the world.

So I'm sure that blue Orpingtons hate me. This is my third attempt and still those blue get me down.


You'll shoot your eye out!
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Apr 16, 2007
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Oh Steve, those ducks are something else to hatch. You have to keep the humidity at 95% and they still will dry out on ya. I hatched about 40 yesterday and Lord I was tired after they got through!

Cuban Longtails

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Sep 20, 2007
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Haha! You have no idea how much I hoped, hoped, hoped that egg and the AM/BR would develop and hatch for me. The trade off was me losing the barred rocks that I needed for my BR flock!

Maybe that's the trick... if you don't need them, they'll hatch for you!


Orpingtons Bama Style
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Nov 14, 2007
Deniecie not that it will make you feel any better but I had the same thing happen to me with the blue Orps. I don't why is is so hard, I got three shipments and 2 chicks. That is when I ordered chicks. Since then I have got the chicks at the people house and this last time I was able to hatch 5 eggs I brought back with me. Last summer I had 40 eggs I ddrove home and had them under hens and in the bators and it was so dry due to drought they wouldn't even hatch under the hens. they would allmost hatch and then dry out and die. I know just how you feel. But Oh, when you finallyi get one you really love it is worth it.

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