Blue Plymouth Rocks- 12+

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    I have put my breeder pen back together, my splash roo over my black hens, fertility is great. These are great layers, and have a very mild temperment. Ill have one barred hen in there also, so if you hatch any blue chicks with a white spot on his head, you know thats a blue barred boy.

    Ill be offering these thru October. I don't like leaving my chickens in the breeding pens for too long, since they are used to free ranging. Im needing to hatch some for myself, so that is why I have them penned up for now.

    Shipping will be actual shipping to your zip code. Ive had pretty good luck with shipping, but no guarantees. I always send a few egg-stras, also. Payment by paypal will reserve a shipping date.

    My splash roo....he has his tail back now.


    Some of the girls:


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