Blue poop?


Shay's Flock of Fun
11 Years
Jul 31, 2008
in the wild, Mass
Ok this is a new one to me, i have never seen this before from my birds or any where else.

I found one of my white birds with blue on his back looks like ink. Now i am seeing blue poop in different places not much, i dont even know which ones pooping blue,

It is not green not even close, it is pure blue.

What would couse this any one seen this before?
OK, I live way out in Puerto Rico and I have been finding blue poop on my car for the last two weeks, I have tried looking for information on google about bird poop I don't know if it's a bird pooping blue or some diferent kind of animal, but I would like to know if it's a bird and what type of bird poop's blue and I mean BLUE....
Could they by any chance have eaten some berries that are blue (maybe from a bush nearby ) - I would love to know why this happens....! Wild birds may drop berries or other feed near where your chickens eat.

Mine only poop boring colours!


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