Blue Red Cochin Bantams

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  1. maplegrovefarm

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    Mar 6, 2012
    N. Waterboro, ME
    Wondering if anyone else is working on the Blue Red variety. I have my 3rd generation birds hatched out, and i'm very happy with my color. This is a '11 Blue Red Cochin Bantam hen. I also have the Blue Reds in frizzles.


  2. Nightfeather

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    Mar 1, 2012
    Clinton, Utah
    I am but i just got the eggs they are in my incubator they should be hathing next thursday why???
  3. County Boy

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    Feb 3, 2012
    Petersburg Ny
    They look very pretty. What do you cross do get the pattern.
  4. I'm about to post this photo somewhere ---

    I'm just not sure of where to put it (I'm new to posting)

    But I saw your title and thought hmm let me see what they look like...

    I am producing Cochins and Cochin frizzles were the cocks look like:

    It's part of a bigger farm's Cochin stock and we need to get more systematic on who is breeding to what - as I am losing what exactly is the hen version of the boys. They sometimes put all the chicks in one brooder after hatching... even though the eggs are marked and parents are known... (I have a roll in the farm where I get to lay claim to some and over see some of the breeding etc...) But I'm not there all the time, or even everyday...

    Sooo Anyway,[​IMG] my guess is the hens are looking either a light grey with some buffness on the chest, or very light grey with a bit of penciling...

    I was hoping to breed to this boy to further the lacing that is occurring - Red Laced Blue - Kinda a Brassy pattern but then the red in very visible on the wings (though the feathers end in blue)

    ANY feed back is SOOO welcome.

    I need a book on the color genetics of chickens...

    -- Madeline
  5. maplegrovefarm

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    Mar 6, 2012
    N. Waterboro, ME
    To get the Blue Red, I started with Partridge & Splash. Now I breed Blue Reds to Blues or Blue Red to Blue Red. The Blue Reds are the only smooth feathered Cochins i'm working with right now. I have Frizzle Cochins in Blue Red, Blue, Lavender, Splash, Blue Buff, Mottled in Lavender~Black~Blue, and Buff Splash.

    Joe @ Maple Grove Farm
    N. Waterboro, ME

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