blue show girl chicks, bantam cochin chicks, blue silkie chicks in grand junction, co


10 Years
Feb 27, 2009
I have 8 bantam cochin chicks, two weeks old, from luckypickens eggs (see her listing at: ),
and could quite possibly be show quality. They are all extremely healthy and vigorous.
The colors that hatched are: three from the blue and buff columbian eggs (one of these appears to be blue to me), two from blue and black mottled, one from blue splash, one from black split to lavender and one from calico. There are actually two that appear calico at the moment.
I am asking $5 a piece for these.
I also have 4 blue and splash silkie chicks for sale, for $3 a piece. These are out of my show girl hens and a splash silkie rooster.
Finally, I have three blue show girl chicks. I will sell these for $10 a piece.
I don't have a digital camera so cannot post pictures.
Local pick up only.
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