Blue Showgirl Cockerel 10 months old NPIP & AI Tested

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    Nov 14, 2010
    I have a 10 month old Blue Showgirl Cockerel , can be shown in AOV in Silkie class. He has a beautiful coat of soft silkie feathers, perfect feet and toes.
    He is Non-Bearded with a bowtie. If you were to breed him to a Bearded Silkie you will get 50% bearded and 50% nonbearded. He is very gentle to handle and gentle with the ladies. He has a nice little round shape to him, more like the silkie than the turken. My flock is NPIP & AI TESTED.
    I perfer to only ship on the East Coast due to the weather conditions down south and out west. He will be shipped Express Mail, allow 3 days for arrival. Once he is shipped, I am no longer responsible for his well being. I have shipped all the states in all kinds of weather and have never had a problem. Cargo planes are Air climate controled.
    Payment made to PAYPAL only at end of Auction. He will be bathed and dusted before he leaves.
    Anyone with questions can PM me before bidding. P.S. Please excuse his feet, he was in the breeding pen.


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