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Discussion in 'Chickens 8 Weeks & Older' started by woodsedge, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. woodsedge

    woodsedge Chirping

    Sep 20, 2011
    la rue, ohio
    I have a bearded BQ 2011 Blue Silkie cockerel, He has a nice big full crest, nice blue ear lobes, full booting complete with 10 toes and cushion(he is in a molt in the pic so his tail doesnt look that nice) but its nioce and full when he feathers in. His only down fall is his comb is off to one side a tiny bit, its nice sized (not too big not too small). I have not shown him, but he could be.Hed probably docked points for his comb though. I have been using him for breeding my Blue hen. They have thrown some NICE looking chicks, he has not had any chicks with crooked combs. Im tring to down size, so it breaks my heart but its time for him to go. Im in no hurry to selll him so I will not accept any offers on him. I am also willing to sell my hen along with him Im asking $100 for her (I WILL NOT SELL HER SEPARATE) If you want her you must buy both. She is also a 2011 hatch and has done quite well in the show ring, 2 BOBs and 3 BOVs!! All last year. at this moment she is looking quite rough, but she has everything you could want nice big crest, cushion, all toes, her booting is nice when shes all feathered ( shes molting at time) but the pin feathers are starting to come back in on her feet so she will come around. If interested write you bids below DONT PM ME BIDS. If you want them (or just the rooster) its fine to conatact me there but no bids. or you can email woodsedgeanfarm@aol.com PLEASE NOTE ITs $180 FOR THE PAIR NO DISCOUNT FOR BUYING BOTH. IM IN NO HURRY TO SELL THEM, NO OFFERS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Buyer is to send me a box or add to toal and pay for shipping. Any questions either pm me, respond here or email
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