Blue Silkie Bantams~ Pullet or Cockerel

Olde South Coop

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Apr 23, 2015
Kernersville, NC
These are my two Blue Silkie Bantams. One is much smaller than the other and only one week younger. I know it is virtually impossible to sex young silkies, but anyone have guesses? The small one is 6 weeks old, the larger one is 7 weeks old.



The second one looks like a pullet and the first one probably is a pullet too (though it is way too early to be sure).
By this age, if they still don't have signs of waddles, then its definitely a pullet
You could also post your photos on the "Silkie Thread." where silkie breeders will get a look at them. My friend who has had silkies for many years rescued a 5 mos. old "apparent "pullet that started crowing and fighting with her rooster a few weeks later. She had to rehome it.

Nothing is positive till they either lay an egg or crow.

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